TeenWolf Season 3, Episode 2 “Chaos Rising”
Heather takes Stiles to the basement.

You’re so bad but I want a taste.
A little taste you have, come on over 
Right now, take me down.
I want your poison.

I thought this was just a phase,
but everyday I slip, starting over.
You crawl through my skin, 
and I let you in.

A little taste (oooh) [x4]

Oh how you give me chills,
hold my breath ‘til it kills me.
Come on, tear me apart,
I’ll rest in peace, yeah. 

Don’t stop, I haven’t had enough.
You’re mine, ‘til the sun comes up.
I can’t have just one. (one)

A little taste (oooh) [x4]

A little taste
Oooh [x2]

Baby, I’m afraid.
But, I like being frightened.
Baby, what’s the deal with that?

Tiptoe round the idea,
I pose like a convict,
I pretend this isn’t life.

Baby, I just want your lovin’ [x2]
A little taste (oooh) [x4]

Baby I just want your lovin’
(A little taste) [x2]